Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mountains, far and high. Welcome Posted by Picasa

Traversing the plains Posted by Picasa

Waiting for us Posted by Picasa

a small sample of what is in store Posted by Picasa

Can't hide the excitement of our first trek Posted by Picasa

Villagers. Morning trip to forests to get firewood. See the Coco-Cola bottle. Globalisation comes calling Posted by Picasa

Taking off from the plains Posted by Picasa

Climbing the first hill Posted by Picasa

First pit stop and Introduction Posted by Picasa

Simply Sahyadri Posted by Picasa

Looking around. before the final climb Posted by Picasa

... Posted by Picasa

Looking at the valley Posted by Picasa

The final climb Posted by Picasa

Setting up the buffet Posted by Picasa

Project Hunger in the tribal belt Posted by Picasa

An 'out look' from inside the cave Posted by Picasa

Cafe Cave Posted by Picasa

a View of the 'Cafe Cave - Multi-Cushion' restaurant at the top Posted by Picasa

Looking at the bottom of the world Posted by Picasa

dangerous trail Posted by Picasa

a view from the watertank at the fort Posted by Picasa

Carefully navigating our way Posted by Picasa

Life on the edge Posted by Picasa

At last, on top, a few kms from Matheran Posted by Picasa